Intel Wireless-Ac 9260, 2230, 2X2 Ac+Bt, Gigabit, No Vpro

So the Dell XPS 15 9570 is out. Is it now the go-to for a sleek, powerful business laptop?

Posted on: May 4, 2018 by glymao

These are my thoughts without seeing the actual model, so they do not have reference values. Beware.

TL;DR (or maybe not? it’s still long.)


It’s XPS. *The* XPS. Dell has found their sweet spot and is unlikely to change, which is a good news for us.

So, all the pros for XPS 9560.

i5-8300H is actually capable to do many tremendous things so many people can think twice before paying for an i7.

Lower end configurations have surprisingly good value. Again, think twice for i7.

GTX 1050ti Max-Q is chicken dinner friendly. And is Montana’s cheeseburger friendly. And is *slightly* better at graphics rendering. For many people struggling between gaming laptops and performance laptops, this will be make them pull the trigger.

Again, the inclusion of 1050ti MaxQ makes it dumb to buy Asus UX550VE. Or Macbook Pro 2017 so Dell has several months without a real competitor.


All cons for 9560.

Discouragingly expensive for high end models. $3000 for i9? Well Lenovo workstations can do it better. Or a dual setup. On the flip side, the also good 9560 will be way cheaper.

Killer 1535. Seriously? I mean, Dell, did you signed a soul selling contract with them? They need to spend $100+ for every complaint against wireless cards, which is, like, 100% of all purchases. For your interest, buy this and install it immediately upon purchase.

Fingerprint magnet. I cannot definitively say this because they may change the materials, but XPS 9560 gets dirty in all directions and requires frequent cleaning. This is usually undermined by reviewers but it may bug you so I mention it here.